United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Juror Exit Questionnaire

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Grand Jurors: Do not complete until your 18 month term is complete.

1. What was your attitude toward jury duty when you first received your summons?
2. Were you aware, prior to receiving this summons, that there was a county court and a federal court and that they were two separate and different courts?
3. How many times were you instructed to report to our Jury Assembly area  
for check-in / orientation ?

How many hours were you in the jury assembly /orientation room each day?

Day 1 (Hrs)
Day 2 (Hrs)
Day 3 (Hrs)


How would you rate the following aspects of your stay in the assembly / orientation room?


Orientation instructions provided by the jury staff.


Treatment by Court Personnel


Physical comforts/amenities
6. Should anything be added or changed to your orientation session to better prepare you for jury service?

Did you find your juror handbooks helpful?


Did you participate in the voir-dire (questioning) process in the courtroom?


Were you selected to serve as a juror?

A. Type of Trial?
B. Name of presiding judge?
C. How many days in trial?

Comments about your experience in court and during trial.

10. Please provide any feedback, comments and or suggestions you may have for the attorneys associated with your trial or grand jury panel.

Will the payment you receive adequately cover your expenses while serving?


Since having served in this court, have your feelings remained the same, become more positive or more negative toward jury duty?                     

13. What impression would you convey to your friends concerning jury duty service in our court?
14. Have you been summoned to appear in county court in the last two years?   If yes, how many times & what county?

Were you able to easily locate the information you wanted on our website?
If no, please explain.

16. Did you complete your juror information on-line form through eJUROR?        If no, why not? 
17. If yes, was your experience using eJUROR positive or negative?           
If negative, please explain.

Please use the remaining space to indicate constructive measures that could be implemented so that jury duty may be improved. You may also comment on any of the above matters. We welcome your suggestions and appreciate your time.

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