Art in the Courthouse
Art in the Courthouse
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The Courthouse has artwork on display from murals commissioned during the opening
of the building to our current featured artist displays!
Check back periodically to see current art work that is on display.

Artwork Permanently on Display
Previously Featured Displays

Currently on Display

Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators (PSI) was founded in 1997.

We are a future-oriented professional group that sees no limits to the possibilities
of the narrative art form of illustration, serving not only all print markets,
but the web/interactive, animation, interior design, outdoor exhibit,
and collectors' markets as well.

We are the fourth largest Society of Illustrators in the United States,
with every technique and process eclectically represented.

PSI exists to fill the specific needs for an organization with which all
Pittsburgh area illustrators and other persons interested in the
aims of the society (buyers, gallery directors, educators, etc.) can affiliate.

Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

Judith Lauso has worked as a painter, illustrator, art instructor and book illustrator for over twenty years. Her body of work includes book and cover illustration, portraits, sports-figure portraits, and illustrative-portrait renderings in addition to small-scale mural work. Since 2010-2014, she has concentrated on illustrating four, published children's books and doing varied illustration commissions. Judith holds art degrees from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh. She has also worked at CCAC, south, and Bethel School House instructing adult and children's art classes. In addition, she taught art classes at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Museum Studio.
Judith is a member of Bethel Artists League, Pittsburgh Society of Artists and Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators. Her work is part of both private and corporate collections.
Contact info: (ph) 412-854-3154

Ron Magnes
Fine Art Prints


Artwork permanently on display.


United States Post Office and Courthouse Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Steel Industry
by Howard Norton Cook is composed of vignettes that depict groups of men laboring in the different processes of iron and coal mining and steel production.

Located on the 8th floor.

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Sons and Daughters
by Lia Cook(2006) is an innovative hand-woven textile, that adds a human element to the United States Courthouse and Post Office.

Located on the 3rd floor.


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