Art in the Courthouse
Art in the Courthouse
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Featured Display 3/2015

Sandra Beitsinger

Sandra Beitsinger enjoyed painting for forty years, studying
and taking numerous workshops in the U.S. and Europe.

Most of her artwork depicts images discovered through
her extensive travels in Italy, France and Austria.

Although Sandra has explored different mediums and styles,
she favors painting with oils using the
impasto technique in the impressionistic style.

Currently, she is finding satisfaction recreating monochromatic
knife paintings from vintage black and white family photos.

There is a story to be told behind each of her paintings.

Selected paintings can be reproduced as a giclee.
Contact Sandra regarding purchasing a specific painting.

Art acquisition contact:

Sandra Beitsinger
412-443-4142 cell

Featured Display 12/2014


Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania are a photographer's delight.
The architecture is unique and the skylines ore one of a kind.   The surrounding area is rich in vivid landscapes and colors, thanks to the geological forces that shaped this region so long ago. In the photographs selected for this showing, my hope was to let you see the colors, lines, and angles that surround us, which we sometimes in our hectic lives take for granted. We see many of these sights daily...but sometimes we don't actually feel what we are seeing. So take a few moments and try to feel these colors, these sights, these angles.  I hope what you get out of this is a greater appreciation for the artistic quality of our man-made and natural surroundings. Thank you for taking the time to view these photographs.

Eric Falk


Contact information

Mr. Falk is an avid amateur photographer who is particularly interested in natural and man­ made architecture.  He has his own webpage which can be found at


Featured Display 9/2014

The North Hills Art Center (NHAC)


Contact information

Vrrginia Berlando phone 412-630-8159

June Kielty            phone 724-799-6778

Nadya Lapets          phone 412-956-9516

Vickie Schilling      phone 412-779-1166

Art acquisition contact:

June Kielty

Featured Display 6/2014

The North Hills Art Center (NHAC)
The North Hills Art Center (NHAC)

The North Hills Art Center (NHAC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
founded in 1959 by a group of artists dedicated to providing a haven for
people to learn, express themselves and appreciate all forms of art.

The center offers affordable, quality art enrichment with classes ranging
from pottery to painting, pastels to paper arts for all age groups and
levels of experience.

Featuring themed, student and exclusive shows each year, the
center also offers opportunities for amateurs and professionals to
exhibit their artwork.

Gallery and Office Hours:
Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

North Hills Art Center
3432 Babcock Blvd., Ross Twp.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 364-3622

Membership and class information is available at

Featured Display 3/2014

Federal Employee and Family Art Exhibit
Presented by the Community Outreach Committee

We are well represented with many mediums, topics and entries from
multiple departments of all of our offices.

"Alpaca" woven shawl - Patricia Price Clerk's Office Johnstown
Belgian Hare - Erin Gibson - Chambers Johnstown
Off the Trail in Millvale PA - Jim Imhof - Chambers Pittsburgh
Father's Violin - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
de novo - Ginevra Ventre - Chambers Pittsburgh

On Pointe - Natalya Marinch - Information Systems
Reichtag, Berlin - Judge Bissoon - Chambers Pittsburgh
Untitled - Karen Earley - Court Reporter
Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
Portland Headlight - Rodger Leasure - Information Systems
Bobcat - Elena Marzina - Chambers Pittsburgh
Untitled - Miranda Marinch - Information Systems

Flagship Niagra Making Ready - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
Self Portrait - Tristan Marinch - Information Systems
Dyrham Park, Bath, England - Laura Bunting - Chambers Pittsburgh
Key West Sunset - Patty Alberti - US Attorney's Office
Mom's Christgmas Gift - Kelly Trapani - Chambers Pittsburgh
Alamo Walk - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
Clear Creak State Park - Dan Wilt - Information Systems

Fall in New England - Rodger Leasure - Information Systems
Log Cabin Quilt - Karen Schwab - Chambers Pittsburgh
Winter in the Country - Rodger Leasure - Information Systems

Featured Display 1/2014

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
Youth & Arts

Youth & Arts

City of Bridges

For ten weeks the students from the City of Bridges class were taken out on various field trips to some of Pittsburgh’s most notable bridges.  Students would learn the history of each bridge and then have the chance to photograph what inspired them while on the structures.  They used 35mm film cameras, then learned to process their film and print their photographs in MCG’s darkroom.

About MCG Youth & Arts
MCG Youth & Arts is a center for arts and learning.  Support for this esteemed non-profit comes from various grants, foundations and individual donations.  Students may participate in programs including, but not limited to, courses in ceramics, photography, design and digital arts; career and college exposure activities; and exhibits by internationally renowned artists who also conduct workshops with MCG students. 

Additionally, MCG Youth & Arts hosts a number of educational opportunities for principals, teachers and the community, and offers public access to its two galleries at no cost.  All of MCG Youth & Arts’ programs are implemented by professional working artists, and maintain an 8:1 student:teacher ration in order to provide students the attention they need to succeed.

For more information, please visit

Featured Display 9/2013

Featured Display 9/2013

Roy Engelbrecht Photography

Roy Engelbrecht Photography is a commercial photography studio specializing in studio work and architectural photography. It utilizes film and digital cameras. The film formats range from 35mm to 4x5 and 6x17, while digital equipment can provide up to 48 MB as single shots. The studio includes a 2500 square foot shooting area with cove. In-house facilities include dye sublimation printers, large format inkjet printers, CD burners, and conventional color prints from negatives up to 12"x18".

Presently, Roy is President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers.) His studio is located in Pittsburgh's North Hills.

Featured Display 6/2013

John Johns founded Whitehall Arts back in 1969.

John's idea behind forming this group was to promote art in the
South Hills and surrounding areas.
Another goal was to give artists a connection to each other and a chance to exhibit and sell their work.  John Johns was also interested in promoting the arts to educate the public.  He was past president of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, so promoting arts  to the public was important  to him.  He often did demo's with Whitehall Arts in public places to make the public aware of the different facets of art.

Our  artists'  abilities  range  from  beginners  to  professional.    Many  of  us learned  from  each  other,  from  workshops  we  had,  and  from   demo's performed  by various guest artists  at general  meetings.  As years went on some of our members taught workshops, which shows that years of growth as artists has been proof of being a member of Whitehall Arts was a blessing to our members.

Many lasting friendships have flourished over the years. One group of artists, the Wednesday Five, has been painting on Wednesdays for the past 34 years. They probably would not have met, but for Whitehall Arts; and this is not the exception in this group.

For all these wonderful experiences we all derived from being a member of Whitehall Arts, we are ever grateful to John Johns for his insight in forming our group. John passed on to glory several years ago. We all miss him very much.

Featured Display 3/2013

Pittsburgh CAPA 6–12
is a Creative and Performing Arts Magnet school located
in the heart of Pittsburgh¹s downtown cultural district. In 2009,
Pittsburgh CAPA was named a Blue Ribbon School of Distinction by the
U.S. Department of Education. U.S. News and World Report awarded
Pittsburgh CAPA a Bronze Medal in their 2010 America¹s Best High Schools

The vision of Pittsburgh's Magnet School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)
is to establish a best-in-class teaching and learning environment that enables students
in grades 6-12 to study the arts for their intrinsic, aesthetic, historical and cultural
values. This environment includes the interaction and input of all stakeholders: parents, teachers, students and the community. CAPA is enhanced by partnerships and
collaborations with local arts organizations and universities aimed at providing
students with a myriad of opportunities in which to explore the relationship between
the world of school and the worlds of family and work.
As a Pittsburgh Public School, CAPA is an environment that enables students to become
adults with a lifelong involvement in, and appreciation of, the arts.

The artwork on display was created by
CAPA Visual Art Students in grades 8-12.

Featured Display 1/2013

Featured Display 9/2012





Featured Display 6/2012

New Horizons and Valley Art Clubs

This exhibit is the combined works of artists from New Horizons,
the art group from the Center in the Woods Senior Center in California, Pa,
and the Valley Art Club which is based in Charleroi
with an annual exhibition in Monessen.
It was organized in 1941 under the auspices of the Monessen
Women's Club and the name was changed to the Valley Art Club in 1951.  

Its purpose is to promote art, cultural appreciation and the beauty of the
Mon Valley with an award for the "Best Valley Scene" at the yearly exhibition.

  New Horizons and Valley Art Clubs  

New Horizons and Valley Art Clubs

  New Horizons and Valley Art Clubs

New Horizons and Valley Art Clubs

  New Horizons and Valley Art Clubs  
Featured Display 2/2012
Alexander Patho Photography

The exhibit is an impressionistic journey through the Pittsburgh landscape expressed in the
new collection of photographs by Alexander Patho.
from February 29, 2012 through May 16, 2012.


Each photograph is individually created by the artist using the latest Giclee printing technology at the Patho Fine Art Studio.


Giclée Production is the process of creating high quality reproduction prints from original works of art, using the latest, archival digital printing technology.  

Alexander Patho Photography
209 Notrh Rose Dr.
Glenshaw, PA 15116
Architectural-Commercial-Fine Art Photography
Alexander Patho is a internationally recognized fine art photographer. 
His striking color images are the culmination of forty-five years of research and exploration of photographic art and technique.  The seamless fusion of traditional photography with cutting edge digital archival print making characterizes his artistic method. From image capture to the final print, he completes every aspect of the photographic process himself, maintaining complete control over it. 


Featured Display 1/2012
Eileen Potter Kopelman
The exhibit is a series of oil and 22 karat gold leaf paintings,
by Eileen Potter Kopelman in the
main lobby
from January 18, 2012 through February 28, 2012.

See all of her work at
  The painting "When Swine Flew" won a Merit Award at the 2011 Hoyt Regional Juried Art Exhibition in New Castle at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts.  

Bragozzo Boat, Venice" was painted from a photo Ms. Kopelman took from a cruise ship deck in Venice.
(The sail has gold leaf on it)

The painting "Camel at Petra" won "Best of Show" at the Penn Art Association show in 2010.

  "Elephant Family" was based on elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo.   "Mare and Foal" are Standard Bred race horses from western Pennsylvania.

Featured Display 12/2011

Eileen Potter Kopelman
The exhibit was a series of 28 oil paintings, by Eileen Potter Kopelman, pertaining to the Wyoming Massacre in the main lobby from December 5, 2011 through January 17, 2012.
See all of her work, including the Wyoming Massacre series, at

The Wyoming Massacre and the Battle of Wyoming were part of the Revolutionary War in the Wyoming Valley of the Susquehanna River, near Wilkes-Barre. On July 3, 1778 the British and their Iroquois and Tory allies attacked the settlement. One thousand able-bodied men were in Connecticut with the American military and thus were unable to defend it. The remaining 350 old men and boys fought an enemy force of 11,000-16,000 men.

            This painting The Yankees March Out to Meet the Enemy shows the Americans being lured forward by the smoke from the Tory built Fort Wintermute, which the British burned as a ruse to make to make it look as if they were retreating. The Indians, who would break through their line, are hiding in the swamp in the foreground. The enemy claimed they took 227 scalps that day. The Indians, to their credit, followed orders from the British and did not kill any women or children in either the Battle of Wyoming or the Massacre that followed. However, at the end of the encounter almost all of the farms in the Wyoming Valley, as well as crops in the fields, were reduced to ashes. The people fled on foot through the swamp and on boats and rafts on the river. A few lucky ones escaped on horseback. The following year, General Sullivan’s American army retaliated and chased the Indians halfway to Niagara, reducing their villages and crops to rubble along the way. When the Native Americans returned, they found themselves suddenly starving and poverty stricken. If they had sided with the Americans instead of the British during the American Revolution, they might have come out of the war with their lifestyles intact.

            Kopelman, of Lower Burrell, Westmoreland County and originally from Susquehanna County, has exhibited paintings in juried shows at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts in New Castle, PA, and at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Ligonier, PA, and has won prizes for her work in both venues. She has won numerous other awards. The artist researched and painted the series over a five year period from 2004 to 2009.

            The paintings are not for individual sale, but the artist would someday like to see the entire series find a suitable home in northeastern Pennsylvania.


The Yankees March Out to Mee the Enemy

A color booklet titled The Wyoming Massacre by the artist accompanies the exhibit and can be purchased by going to

Featured Display 9/2011

For more information about our programs or to purchase artwork, call:
Jennifer Macioce, LCSW,NCGC

Director of Day Treatment & Deaf Services


milestoneflr1Through Milestone’s therapeutic programs in the arts, many participants are able to develop their talents and increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Milestone’s Brochure

Milestone's Press Release
Unlikely Exhibit Opens At Federal Courthouse

Featured Display 6/2011
Susan Castriota

The Courthouse illustrations are pen & ink done by hand. The color illustrations are a blend of pen & ink, pastel pencil and acrylics.

All prints are copied from original art/paintings by Pittsburgh Artist Susan Castriota. For information about the sale of this art work, additional prints, and greeting cards illustrated by Susan, please email
Installation of the exhibit June, 2011

Featured Display 3/2011
Pittsburgh Society of Artists

Featured Display 1/2011
Manchester Craftsmens's Guild

Featured Display 9/2010

Featured Display 6/2010
Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association, Inc.

Installation of the YMWAHA exhibit June 4, 2010

Featured Display 2/2010

Installation of the exhibit February 17, 2010