Art in the Courthouse
Art in the Courthouse
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Featured Artists on 6/2010.
Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association, Inc.
Installation of the YMWAHA exhibit June 4, 2010
The mission of
Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association, Inc. (YMWAHA) is “to provide the best quality services possible for children and their families with particular focus on the needs of children of African heritage.”

Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association, Inc. (YMWAHA) created Nia Cultural Arts and Education Programs with the vision of creating projects that support the overall agency mission.  Within this context, Nia began offering sewing classes to children in 1999 as an arts/crafts project during Saturday School.  Under the guidance of Master Quilter Ruth Ward, a registered artist with Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, the creation of Nia Adult Quilt Guild began in 2002.  During the past eight years, the Guild evolved into an intergenerational community arts initiative.  Mrs. Ward’s involvement in Nia Cultural Arts and Education programs have introduced heritage quilting to community residents from ages 6 to 76. Today Nia Quilt Guild programs infuse cultural arts and group interface using traditional heritage quilting.  The Guild’s objective is to help persons of all ages grow through artistic expression while assisting them in creating their own family traditions using fabric.

This is evident in the Guild's recent project with Pittsburgh's newest African and Caribbean immigrant populations  Members of Nia Quilt Guild instruct these women using a translator to release their creativity through fabric and sewing.  Without the benefit of a single language the immigrant women learn to use their newly acquired skills as entrepreneurs or to secure employment, and the activity also helps them with socialization and language skills.    
In 2009 YMWAHA moved the Guild towards self-sufficiency by photographing quilts and printing the image on Thank You cards which they sell.  80% of all proceeds from Nia Quilt Guild sales go to the artist the remainder helps to sustain Nia Arts & Education Programs. For more information on YMWAHA and Nia Quilt Guild logon to our website or visit us on  for upcoming events & activities.

YMWAHA**1205 Boyle Street** Pittsburgh, PA 15212**#412-322-4008