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U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania

Irwin, Thomas
3rd Commissioned Judge

Federal Judicial Service:

United States District Court,
Western District of Pennsylvania

Received a recess appointment
rom Andrew Jackson on April 14, 1831, to a seat vacated by William Wilkins;

Nominated on December 7, 1831;

by the Senate on March 21, 1832, and received commission on March 21,
1832. Service terminated on January 4, 1859, due to resignation.


Professional Career:
Editor, Philadelphia Repository, 1804-end date unknown
Private practice, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 1808
Private practice, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 1811-1812
Deputy State Attorney General, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 1812-1819
Private practice, Uniontown, Pennsylvania (no dates)
Pennsylvania State Representative from Fayette County, 1824-1828
U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania, 1829-1831
Private practice, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1859-1870

Franklin College
Read law, 1808

Born February 22, 1785, in Philadelphia, PA
Died May 14, 1870, in Pittsburgh, PA; Internment in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Interest:

Appointed Indian agent, Natchitoches, Louisiana, where Thomas Irwin also practice law, 1808-1810