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Art in the Courthouse

The Courthouse has artwork on display from murals commissioned during the opening of the building to our current featured artist displays!

Check back periodically to see current art work that is on display.

Artwork Permanently on Display
Previously Featured Displays

Currently on Display

Sara O'Connor Fine Art

Enthusiasts of captivating color, deliciously rich texture, and intricate detail have found their match. Emerging international artist Sara O'Connor continues to astonish art collectors who delightedly discover her refreshingly original work.


Sara's obsession to detail and quest to captivate has swiftly earned her new collectors across the United States and abroad. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, where her studio is located. Her prior career as a Biglaw attorney at K&L Gates, LLP (Pittsburgh) instilled in her the drive to create high-quality work that makes an immediate impact. Her travels to and experiences in Israel, Thailand, Italy, Canada, and Mexico heavily influence her use and expression of color.

Process Each pointillism work takes form through Sara's application of thousands of dollops of paint individually laid down by hand, either by layering the dots on top of each other or spacing them slightly apart to allow bold backdrops to show through.

Sara thickens acrylic paint through self-designed techniques developed over two years to create tactile modern works of art. Her goal is to design pieces that encourage viewers to travel and explore abstract landscapes in a multi-sensory experience.


Artwork permanently on display.


United States Post Office and Courthouse Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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