Art in the Courthouse
Art in the Courthouse
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The Courthouse has artwork on display from murals commissioned during the opening
of the building to our current featured artist displays!
Check back periodically to see current art work that is on display.

Artwork Permanently on Display
Previously Featured Displays

Currently on Display

Federal Employee and Family Art Exhibit
Presented by the Community Outreach Committee

We are well represented with many mediums, topics and entries from
multiple departments of all of our offices.

"Alpaca" woven shawl - Patricia Price Clerk's Office Johnstown
Belgian Hare - Erin Gibson - Chambers Johnstown
Off the Trail in Millvale PA - Jim Imhof - Chambers Pittsburgh
Father's Violin - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
de novo - Ginevra Ventre - Chambers Pittsburgh

On Pointe - Natalya Marinch - Information Systems
Reichtag, Berlin - Judge Bissoon - Chambers Pittsburgh
Untitled - Karen Earley - Court Reporter
Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
Portland Headlight - Rodger Leasure - Information Systems
Bobcat - Elena Marzina - Chambers Pittsburgh
Untitled - Miranda Marinch - Information Systems

Flagship Niagra Making Ready - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
Self Portrait - Tristan Marinch - Information Systems
Dyrham Park, Bath, England - Laura Bunting - Chambers Pittsburgh
Key West Sunset - Patty Alberti - US Attorney's Office
Mom's Christgmas Gift - Kelly Trapani - Chambers Pittsburgh
Alamo Walk - Dan Wilt - Information Systems
Clear Creak State Park - Dan Wilt - Information Systems

Fall in New England - Rodger Leasure - Information Systems
Log Cabin Quilt - Karen Schwab - Chambers Pittsburgh
Winter in the Country - Rodger Leasure - Information Systems

Artwork permanently on display.


United States Post Office and Courthouse Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Steel Industry
by Howard Norton Cook is composed of vignettes that depict groups of men laboring in the different processes of iron and coal mining and steel production.

Located on the 8th floor.

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Sons and Daughters
by Lia Cook(2006) is an innovative hand-woven textile, that adds a human element to the United States Courthouse and Post Office.

Located on the 3rd floor.


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