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FAQs: Finance

  • How do I get a surety bond released?

    This is between the surety company and the attorney, the court does not get involved. Counsel might mail a copy of the Stipulation for Dismissal, sometime this will satisfy a surety company. A Certificate of Satisfaction or a Judgment Roll (ordered through the intake section) may need to be mailed to the surety company to release the bond. A motion with a proposed order may be filed - stating the case is closed and the surety company is no longer liable. The attorney must first find out what the surety company requirements are before they will release a bond.

  • What is the per diem and mileage rate for a witness?

    § 320.40 Fact Witnesses and Depositions
    § 320.40.10 Fees and Expenses of Fact Witnesses
    (a) Generally speaking, fees and expenses of fact witnesses for defendants proceeding under the CJA are paid by the DOJ. See: Fed. R. Crim. P., Rule 17(b); 28 U.S.C. § 1825 (link is external).
    (b) Section 1825 of 28 U.S.C. specifically provides for the payment of witness fees by the DOJ in all federal criminal proceedings, and in proceedings for a writ of habeas corpus or in proceedings under section 2255 of that title upon certification of a federal public defender or assistant federal public defender, or clerk of court upon the affidavit of other counsel appointed under the CJA.
    (c) If advance witness travel funds are required, the court should issue the subpoena order, so stating, to authorize the travel advance by the marshal. These expenses will not be paid from CJA funds.

  • Where do I find the post judgment interest rates?

    Click here for rates.