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Career Opportunities

Deputy in Charge

Full-Time, CL 27/28 ($51,709 - $100,739 Annually)

Location: Johnstown, PA


The Deputy in Charge performs supervisory work related to the full range of administrative activities at a divisional office of the court. The incumbent serves as the highest-ranking on-site employee of the Clerk’s Office and is a first-line supervisor over multiple areas of court operations, including case administration, jury administration, records/mail management, financial administration, courtroom support, judicial support, etc. The Deputy in Charge primarily directs staff and ensures compliance with the appropriate guidelines, policies, and internal controls, while also assisting with daily case administration and other duties.

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Pro Se Law Clerk

Part-Time, JSP Grade 11-14 ($33,286 - $72,880 Annually)

Location: Pittsburgh, PA


Our Pro Se Law Clerks provide legal advice and assistance to the Court in connection with prisoner petitions and complaints. The Pro Se Law Clerk works primarily on prisoner habeas corpus and civil rights actions, and cases in which a plaintiff applies for in forma pauperis (IFP) status. This appointment and continued employment are made on a year to year basis and is subject to funding based upon the court’s caseload.

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