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Local Rules

PAWD Local Rules of Court       Effective: November 1, 2016


LCrR 32 Pilot Program

The Board of Judges have approved a 1-year long pilot program pertaining to LCrR 32 – Procedure for Guideline Sentencing - that takes effect on June 1, 2018. This program changes the practice of the existing LCrR 32 from a 14-week sentencing calendar to a 16-week sentencing calendar. The 16-week calendar will provide additional time for presentence investigation and remedy issues pertaining to Administrative Resolution. Currently, under the 14-week calendar, the deadline for Administrative Resolution is the same day the Final Presentence Report is disclosed to the Court. Due to this practice, the Probation Office has limited time to research and include suggested revisions from the parties into the Final Presentence Report, or submit the report for supervisory review. Under the 16-week calendar, the Final Presentence Report will be disclosed a week after the Administrative Resolution deadline. It is believed that this change in practice will resolve the issues concerning Administrative Resolution, reduce the number of formal objections and result in the Court receiving a better, more complete report.