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Standing Orders

All Administrative Orders signed on or after March 26, 2024 can be found at Case 2:24-mc-10001

Orders regarding changes to Policies and Procedures may be referenced in the following Case Numbers:
Orders adopting changes to ECF Polices and Procedures:
Case 2:05-mc-186
Orders adopting changes to ADR Policies and Procedures:
Case 2:06-mc-203

Order Title Case/Admin Number Signed Datesort ascending
Order of Court Regarding Procedures for the Filing, Unsealing, and Management of Probation and Supervised Release Violation Documents In Cases Where an Arrest Warrant or Summons Is Issued Under Seal 2024-04 Apr-2024
Order Reassigning Civil Cases Previously Assigned to Magistrate Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy 2024-03 Apr-2024
Order Regarding Case Assignments in the Erie Division 2024-02 Apr-2024
Order Regarding Closure of the Erie Division of this Court on April 8, 2024 2024-01 Mar-2024
Order Adopting Forms of Standard and Special Conditions of Probation and Supervised Release 2:23-mc-1291 Nov-2023
Amendment 821 to the Sentencing Guidelines Protocol for Review & Litigation of Motions for Relief 2:23-mc-1227 Nov-2023
Administrative Order in Re: Petitions for Retroactive Application of November 1, 2023 Sentencing Guidelines Amendments Regarding Status Points and Zero-Point Offenders 2:23-mc-1227 Nov-2023
Administrative Order Vacating Order Regarding CJA Panel Attorney Interim Compensation 2:20-mc-472 Jul-2023
Amended Order Appointing Chief Bankruptcy Judge Gregory L. Taddonio 2:22-mc-906 Sep-2022
Order Appointing Chief Magistrate Judge Richard A. Lanzillo 2:22-mc-905 Sep-2022
Reciprocal Administrative Suspension of Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of this Court 2:22-mc-698 Aug-2022
Administrative Order Regarding Submission to the Court of Audio and/or Video Content 2:21-mc-1161 Sep-2021
Order Vacating Patent Pilot Court Procedures 2:11-mc-283 Jul-2021
Administrative Order Regarding Court's Participation in Pilot Program for Live-Streaming of Certain Civil Matters 2:21-cv-255 Mar-2021
Administrative Order in Re: Procedures for the Filing, Service, and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents 2:21-mc-50 Jan-2021
Interim Order Regarding the "Due Process Protections Act",P.L. NO. 116-182, 134 Stat. Ann. 894 (Oct. 21, 2020), Amending Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 5 2:20-mc-1464 Oct-2020
Administrative Order Concerning Temporary Closure Of The Intake Office In The Pittsburgh Division Relative To COVID-19 2:20-mc-954 Jun-2020
Administrative Order Regarding Computation of Time for Filing of Informations or Indictments Due to COVID-19 Matters ( Furtherance ) 2:20-mc-401 May-2020
Administrative Order Regarding Detainee / Arrestee Screening And Related Matters 2:20-mc-402 Mar-2020
Administrative Order - Inquiries To Those Seeking/Making Courthouse Access Relative To COVID-19 Matters 2:20-mc-426 Mar-2020