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Juror Service Overview



The United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania consists of three divisions, Erie, Pittsburgh, and Johnstown, and covers the 25 counties in Western Pennsylvania appearing in the accompanying map. Jurors are drawn from the voter registration lists in each of these counties. The county in which you reside will determine what division you will report.



3 things to know

1.  Jury service in federal court is NOT the same as service in the state or county court.  The process by which jurors are summoned is different and the length of time you may be on call is longer.

2.  For each day of service, jurors will receive $50.00 as an attendance fee, along with roundtrip mileage at the current government rate. Jurors can also receive reimbursement for certain allowable expenses, such as parking, tolls and hotel stays (if qualifying), upon submission of a receipt. Jurors will not receive payment after each day of service. Instead, payments will be mailed at a later date to the address where the jury summons was sent.

3.  If summoned for jury service, you must call the Automated Juror Information System (AJIS) before reporting for service. This phone number is 1-866-498-8562 and it is printed on your summons, along with your 9-digit participant number, which you will need in order to hear your reporting instructions.

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