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Pittsburgh Chambers' Information

The United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
was created by an Act of Congress on April 20, 1818.

District Judge / Magistrate Judge
Biography & Chambers’ Rules / Contact Information

Bissoon Cathy Bissoon, District Judge
Bloch Alan N. Bloch, Senior District Judge
Cercone David Stewart Cercone, Senior District Judge
Colville Robert J. Colville, District Judge
Conti Joy Flowers Conti, Senior District Judge
Dodge Patricia L. Dodge, Magistrate Judge
Eddy Cynthia R. Eddy, Chief Magistrate Judge
Fischer Nora Barry Fischer, Senior District Judge
Hardy W. Scott Hardy, District Judge
Horan Marilyn J. Horan, District Judge
Hornak Mark R. Hornak, Chief Judge
Kelly Maureen P. Kelly, Magistrate Judge
Lenihan Lisa P. Lenihan, Magistrate Judge
Ranjan J. Nicholas Ranjan, District Judge
Schwab Arthur J. Schwab, Senior District Judge
Stickman William S. Stickman IV, District Judge
Wiegand Christy Criswell Wiegand, District Judge