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Lien Searches

General information regarding Lien searches (Commonly asked questions):

What is the cost of a lien search?

A lien search costs $34.00 per name of individual or company searched. Payment can be either presented in person or mailed to the Clerk’s Office, U.S. District Court, 700 Grant Street, Suite 3110, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Please submit paperwork stating each name to be searched upon remitting payment for lien search.

I want to have a lien search done on Joe Brown, aka Joe Brown Jr. Since it is the same person, can I pay $34.00?

There is a cost of $34.00 per name searched (not person). Here, since there are two names being searched, the cost would be $68.00.

I want to have a search done on property, 123 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Am I able to have a lien search completed on an address alone?

No, a lien search can only be done on an individual or company. Addresses alone will not be searched.

I want to bring my request for a lien search to the Clerk’s Office in person. Are searches immediately done upon request?

Lien Searches are not immediately performed upon request. You may hand-deliver your request and payment to the Clerk’s Office. Along with paperwork stating the names of the individual(s) or company to be searched, please provide your contact information including your phone number. The finance department will contact you at the phone number provided once the search is completed. From there, you may either choose to pick up your completed search and receipt of payment in person or have the results mailed to you.