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For Victims

If you have received a check from our district and want to know details about the case that it was issued in connection with, please contact our criminal debt officer at 412-208-7535. Please provide the following information:

  • date of check;
  • amount of check;
  • who the check is made payable; and
  • the criminal case number. This number is located on the check stub attached to the check, two or three lines above the phone number for the restitution officer, and includes the letters CR (for example, CR 05-185 or DPAW217CR000221).

If you are a victim in a case in our district and need to change your address, or who the check is being made payable to (for example, cases where the name of a company has changed or the death of a spouse who was the victim), please contact the criminal debt officer at 412-208-7535 to obtain the necessary forms.