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NextGen Information


Steps to take on or BEFORE May 26, 2020

1) NOW

Ensure you have an individual PACER Account (not a shared Firm account).  If you do not have an individual PACER account, create one here:

How to Register for a New Pacer Account

2) NOW

If you already have your own individual PACER Account, determine whether it is upgraded:

How to Upgrade Your Current Pacer Account

3) NOW

Verify you know the following account credentials (Required to enter these credentials to link your accounts)

To retrieve a forgotten PACER login and/or password complete the following online page:
Link to Retrieve PACER Username and/or Password

If your CM/ECF login contains a special character (including, but not limited to &, @, $, *), you are encouraged to change it immediately to remove the special character.  Failure to do so will result  in filing delays after May 21, 2020.  Logins that contain special characters will be unable to link to PACER accounts in NextGen. 


Steps to take AFTER May 26, 2020

  May 25, 2020

Link your upgraded PACER account to your PAWD CM/ECF Account:

  1. Open your browser and go to:
  2. Click the CM/ECF Document Filing System link
  3. At the login prompt, type your upgraded PACER Account Login/Password
  4. Click "Utilities", then click "Link a CM/ECF account to my PACER account"
  5. Enter your current CM/ECF credentials in the CM/ECF login and CM/ECF password fields.  Click "Submit".  Verify that the CM/ECF account and PACER account listed are accurate.  If so, click "Submit".
  6. You have successfully linked your account.  You will now use only your PACER account to access both PACER and CM/ECF for our court. 

How to Link Pacer & ECF Accounts

CJA Attorneys:  See Next Section

I am a CJA Attorney.  What do I do?

  • CJA panel attorneys must (1) have one upgraded individual PACER account before the NextGen go-live date (if you have two PACER accounts, upgrade the private account), and (2) add CJA exempt privileges to that account for billing purposes. That one individual PACER account will allow you to toggle back and forth between CJA matters and private practice matters. 
  • Follow these instructions to change your examption status:  CJA Exempt Status Instructions
  • Contact the Pacer Service Center for further assistance.

I am a Pro Se Filer.  What do I do?

My firm had one account and now we have many. Can we combine the billing?

  • Yes. The PACER Service Center offers the PACER Administrative Account (PAA), a consolidated billing and online account management process that allows groups to manage and pay for all charges associated with multiple PACER accounts.
  • To register for a PAA, click here. And for more information, you can use the PAA electronic learning module or read the PAA User Manual. You may also review the PAA tab of FAQs here.

Is there training available for NextGen CM/ECF?

  • Yes, there are several electronic learning modules (ELMs) that can help you learn more about the NextGen CM/ECF system.
  • Pacer/NextGen frequently asked questions can be accessed here
  • For local CM/ECF Training and documentations, please refer to our CM/ECF Training Section

After NextGen goes live, who do I contact for help with my account?

  • After NextGen goes live, all account maintenance requests will be handled by the PACER service center. You will need your PACER account number when contacting PACER.

On the web at, Email the PACER service center at, Call PACER at (800) 676-6856.

For local e-filing questions, please refer to our CM/ECF Help Section

NextGen User Guides

Attorney Linking Guide
Attorney Troubleshooting Guide