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MDL 3014 In Re: Philips Recalled CPAP, Bi-Level Pap, and Mechanical Ventilator Products Litigation

Philips Recalled CPAP, BI-LEVEL PAP, and Mechanical Ventilator Products Litigation, MDL. No. 3014

The Honorable Joy Flowers Conti, Presiding

Orders Pertaining to MDL 3014

Transfer Order (Doc. No. 1) 10/08/2021
Transfer Order CTO-1 (Doc. No. 2) 10/20/2021
Transfer Order CTO-2 (Doc. No. 3) 11/03/2021
TEXT ORDER re Emergency Motion to Stay [8] and Response to Motion [11]:The court appreciates the need for Philips RS North America LLC (Respironics) to comply with its obligations with respect to the FDA Recall Remediation. The court, however, lacks information about why Respironics is unable to preserve the items identified in the brief in response to its emergency motion, i.e., the PE-PUR foam, memory cards in the devices, and other component parts of the machines that are removed in the retrofitting process. [9]. At or before 1:00 p.m. on 11/17/2021, Respironics shall file a reply brief, not to exceed ten pages, to address why it is unable to preserve those items. Signed by Judge Joy Flowers Conti on 11/15/2021. Text-only entry; no PDF document will issue. This text-only entry constitutes the Order of the Court or Notice on the matter. (kjm)
Transfer Order CTO-3 (Doc. No. 13) 11/15/2021
Transfer Order CTO-4 (Doc. No. 42) 11/22/2021
Transfer Order CTO-5 (Doc. No. 49) 11/29/2021
Pretrial Order #3 (Doc. No. 60) 12/01/2021
Transfer Order CTO-6 (Doc. No. 92) 12/09/2021
Stipulated Protective Order (Doc. No. 104) 12/10/2021
Order Implementing Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d) (Doc. No. 105) 12/10/2021
Pretrial Order #4 (Doc. No. 120) 12/14/2021
Pretrial Order #5 (Doc. No. 127) 12/20/2021
Transfer Order CTO-7 (Doc. No. 130) 12/21/2021
Transfer Order CTO-8 (Doc. No. 131) 12/21/2021
Pretrial Order #6 (Doc. No. 133) 12/21/2021
Transfer Order CTO-9 (Doc. No. 142) 12/28/2021
Transfer Order CTO-10 (Doc. No. 152) 01/03/2022
Transfer Order CTO-11 (Doc. No. 270) 01/06/2022
TEXT ORDER: In light of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases across the country and locally, the court’s trial scheduled in January was postponed. The court will hold the interviews for the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, lead counsel, and liaison counsel via Zoom teleconference from 11:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on January 26, 2022, and January 27, 2022. On or before January 17, 2022, the counsel shall file a notice to inform the court about trial conflicts on either of those dates and the counsel’s availability. The court will schedule a timeslot for each applicant and will notify each applicant of a time and date via email. 01/07/2022
Interim Preservation Order (Doc. No. 332) 01/11/2022
Transfer Order CTO-12 (Doc. No. 346) 01/12/2022
Transfer Order CTO-13 (Doc. No. 364) 01/19/2022
Transfer Order (Doc. No. 369) 02/02/2022
Transfer Order CTO-14 (Doc. No. 381) 02/08/2022
Order Making Tolling Agreement Available on Court's Website (Doc. No. 382) 02/08/2022
Transfer Order CTO-15 (Doc. No. 385) 02/14/2022
Pretrial Order #8 (Doc. No. 395) 02/15/2022
Transfer Order CTO-16 (Doc. No. 400) 02/17/2022
Transfer Order CTO-17 (Doc. No. 410) 02/23/2022
Pretrial Order #9 (Doc. No. 412) 02/23/2022
Transfer Order CTO-18 (Doc. No. 416) 02/25/2022
Transfer Order CTO-19 (Doc. No. 419) 03/02/2022
Order Modifying Deadline to Submit Identifying Information (Doc. No. 434) 03/07/2022
Transfer Order CTO-20 (Doc. No. 454) 03/14/2022
Pretrial Order #10 (Doc. No. 464) 03/17/2022
Transfer Order CTO-21 (Doc. No. 477) 03/22/2022
Transcript of Status Conference Proceedings 03/22/2022
Transfer Order CTO-22 (Doc. No. 486) 03/24/2022
Supplemental Pretrial Order #8 (Doc. No. 487) 03/24/2022
Pretrial Order #11 (Doc. No. 488) 03/25/2022
Pretrial Order #12 (Doc. No. 489) 03/25/2022
Pretrial Order #13 (Doc. No. 491) 03/29/2022
Stipulation Regarding Stipulated Protective Order (Doc. No. 498) 04/04/2022
Transfer Order (Doc. No. 499) 04/05/2022
Transfer Order (Doc. No. 500) 04/08/2022
Transfer Order CTO-23 (Doc. No. 501) 04/11/2022
Transfer Order CTO-24 (Doc. No. 506) 04/15/2022
Order Granting Motion for Ruth Anne French-Hodson to Withdraw from Plantiffs' Steering Committee (Doc. No. 511) 04/20/2022
Transfer Order CTO-25 (Doc. No. 512) 04/20/2022

Minute Entry for Status Conference held on 4/20/2022 held before Judge Joy Flowers Conti: As fully set forth on the record, the court and parties addressed the items in the proposed joint agenda, including: the timely filing of documents with the court, i.e., documents are due at or before 12 noon on the date they are due; the timeline for the filing of consolidated class action complaints, other pleadings, and Rule 12 motions and the filing of a joint motion for a court order setting those dates and page limits; the appointment of a special master to oversee the coordination efforts of the separate mediators for this MDL and the SoClean MDL and the parties attempting to reach agreement on that appointment; disclosures, fact sheets, and registries; the stay on discovery, including when the stay will be lifted (after the court approves the discovery plan) and the role of the special master in that process; the filing of the proposed order to appoint Carole Katz as the discovery special master at or before 12 noon on 5/3/2022; the stay being in place except for mutually agreed-upon discovery; Ms. Avery and Mr. Schaffer serving as liaison to the SoClean MDL and the filing of a proposed order appointing them to those positions; the need for a privilege log protocol; the deposition in extremis protocols; scheduling of the science day with the SoClean MDL; updates on preservation orders; an update from liaison counsel about their efforts; and an update from the leadership development committee. (Court Reporter: Jane Proud) (kjm)

Transfer Order CTO-26 (Doc. No. 518) 04/26/2022
TEXT ORDER: The status conferences scheduled for various dates at 4:00 p.m., pursuant to PRETRIAL ORDER #12 [489], are hereby rescheduled to 3:00 p.m. on the same dates as set forth in Pretrial Order #12. Text-only entry; no PDF document will issue. This text-only entry constitutes the Order of the Court or Notice on the matter. (Doc. No. 521) 04/27/2022
Transfer Order CTO-27 (Doc. No. 535) 05/03/2022
Transfer Order CTO-28 (Doc. No. 537) 05/04/2022
Order Appointing and Setting Duties of Special Master for General Discovery and E-Discovery (Doc. No. 540) 05/04/2022
Transfer Order CTO-29 (Doc. No. 554) 05/10/2022

Set Hearings: A joint science day with the SoClean MDL is set for 9/1/2022 at 11:00 a.m. Text-only entry; no PDF document will issue. This text-only entry constitutes the Order of the Court or Notice on the matter. (kjm)

Pretrial Order #14 (Doc. No. 573) 05/19/2022
Pretrial Order #15 (Doc. No. 574) 05/19/2022
Interim Preservation Order (Doc. No. 578) 05/20/2022
Transfer Order CTO-30 (Doc. No. 580) 05/23/2022
Transfer Order CTO-31 (Doc. No. 581) 05/23/2022
Transfer Order CTO-32 (Doc. No. 584) 05/24/2022
Revised Pretrial Order #13 (Doc. No. 586) 05/24/2022
Pretrial Order #16 (Doc. No. 588) 05/26/2022
Transfer Order CTO-33 (Doc. No. 592) 06/01/2022
Stipulation & Notice of Dismissal of the Burnett Defendants (Doc. No. 595) 06/02/2022
Pretrial Order #17 (Doc. No. 605) 06/08/2022
Transfer Order CTO-34 (Doc. No. 613) 06/14/2022
Transfer Order CTO-35 (Doc. No. 614) 06/14/2022
Transfer Order CTO-36 (Doc. No. 620) 06/16/2022
Case Management Order Initial Discovery Plan (Doc. No. 624) 06/17/2022
Transfer Order CTO-37 (Doc. No. 631) 06/27/2022
Minute Entry for Status Conference held on 6/15/2022 before Judge Joy Flowers Conti: As set forth fully on the record, the court addressed the items on the parties' joint agenda. Discovery is set to begin on 7/1/2022. The court requested an update from the mediator at each hearing. The court raised two issues re: the common benefit assessment order. (Court Reporter: Sharon Siatkowski) Text-only entry; no PDF document will issue. This text-only entry constitutes a Minute of the Court or Notice on the matter. (kjm)  07/18/2022
Pretrial Order #18 (Doc. No. 660) 07/21/2022
Pretrial Order #19 (Doc. No. 661) 07/21/2022
Pretrial Order #20 (Doc. No. 662) 07/21/2022
Transfer Order CTO-38 (Doc. No. 666) 07/27/2022
Transfer Order CTO-39 (Doc. No. 667) 07/27/2022
Transfer Order CTO-40 (Doc. No. 668) 07/27/2022
Transfer Order CTO-41 (Doc. No. 669) 07/27/2022
Stipulation & Order (Doc. No. 673) 08/03/2022
Transfer Order CTO-42 (Doc. No. 674) 08/04/2022
Transfer Order CTO-43 (Doc. No. 680) 08/10/2022
Pretrial Order #21 (Doc. No. 683) 08/15/2022
Transfer Order CTO-44 (Doc. No. 688) 08/18/2022
Pretrial Order #22 (Doc. No. 701) 08/25/2022
Order Lifting Stay of Conditional Transfer Order (Doc. No. 707) 08/24/2022
Order Lifting Stay of Conditional Transfer Order (Doc. No. 708) 08/24/2022

Minute Entry for Status Conference held on 7/21/2022 before Judge Joy Flowers Conti: As set forth fully on the record, the court addressed the matters on the parties' joint agenda and matters added by the court. The court, among other things: requested timeframes for ESI and discovery before the next hearing; ordered that on or before 8/17/2022, the parties shall provide an agenda for science day; provided 30 pages to the parties for motion to dismiss and 15 pages each for a state-by-state law appendix; ordered a combined appendix showing each parties' position state-by-state; ordered the filing of an amended motion re assessment; and directed the filing of a motion to extend time for Polymer to file its motion to dismiss. (Court Reporter: Veronica Trettel) Text-only entry; no PDF document will issue. This text-only entry constitutes a Minute of the Court or Notice on the matter. (kjm) (Doc. No. 712)

Pretrial Order #23 (Doc. No. 716) 08/29/2022
Pretrial Order #24 (Doc. No. 717) 08/29/2022
Transfer Order CTO-45 (Doc. No. 729) 08/31/2022
Pretrial Order #25 (Doc. No. 739) 09/14/2022
Stipulated Addendum A to Pretrial Order #18 (Doc. No. 745) 09/16/2022
Transfer Order CTO-46 (Doc. No. 746) 09/16/2022
Transfer Order CTO-47 (Doc. No. 761) 09/21/2022
Transfer Order CTO-48 (Doc. No. 762) 09/22/2022
Amended Stipulated Protective Order (Doc. No. 765) 09/22/2022
Pretrial Order #26 (Doc. No. 766) 09/22/2022
Pretrial Order #27 (Doc. No. 767) 09/22/2022
Scheduling Order Regarding Amended Master/Class Complaints, Answers, Motions to Dismiss, and Related Briefing (Doc. No. 768) 09/22/2022
Amended Preservation Order Applicable to Dreamstation 1 Devices (Doc. No. 773) 09/23/2022
Transfer Order CTO-49 (Doc. No. 776) 09/28/2022