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Art in the Courthouse

The Courthouse has artwork on display from murals commissioned during the opening of the building to our current featured artist displays!

Check back periodically to see current art work that is on display.

Artwork Permanently on Display
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Picasso said that painting is just another way of keeping a diary. Looking back, my diary must have started in kindergarten with finger-painting. With what freedom of creativity I filled my hands with paint and moved them over paper, unhampered by preconceived ideas of art, streaming only my inner soul.

As time marched on, my creativity took the form of photographs. I set up a darkroom in my kitchen and learned how to process black and white photos of my family and landscapes of the Laurel Highlands located near Pittsburgh.

Fast forward in time. I became intrigued by the figure and began drawing at Panza Gallery in Millvale.

These weekly classes taught me about anatomy and the importance of light to add drama to art. I also studied the drawings of the Renaissance artists, which for me is the zenith of art.

Now I am painting all genres. But am particularly interested in clothing the figure. I am working on a theme-"What I knew about love." This idea has me looking at my past and distilling some humor and juicy tidbits from my life. Some figures are smoking and interacting in a way only the viewer can decide!

At the end of the day, I am self-taught realist painter, primarily using oil on wood. I live and work in Pittsburgh.

The art historian Frederick Hartt said, “Works of art, like all human productions, and like ourselves, are bound in time."...and this is my time.